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Service of content writer: Copywriter, Ghost writer, SEO writer and Blogger


We offer services of content writer as copywriter, ghost writer, technical writer, creative writer and blogger.

In all this options, be a writer  mean love writing and reading too.

If you are a good reader you are also a good writer for magazines and the newspapers. But the internet requires a new syntax.

However, if you write to the internet you should consider 20 tips in your online content, such us:

  • Informative – information for daily routine
  • Dynamic
  • Interactive
  • Persuade
  • Informal
  • Engagement
  • Clear
  • Actuality – eternal
  • Oriented to SEO
  • Focus on sells
  • Focus on customer
  • Appeal to action
  • Market orientation
  • Keep it simple
  • True content
  • Readable
  • Integrated in web design
  • Viral content

There are many ways to work in the internet, but all of them require good content – truly writer and correctly positioned because content is the king!!

So let’s go train the writing and read critically in different supports.

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